CFK asked to extend the imputation to defendants for an attack against him
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The vice president of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, requested on Tuesday the extension of the investigation of the defendants in the attempted assassination against her and demanded to deepen the accusation for the crime of illicit association.


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According to the reports, the Argentine vice president’s lawyers, José Manuel Ubeira and Marcos Aldazabal, requested in writing that federal judge María Eugenia Capuchetti carry out new measures of evidence.

“The vice president asked to charge the defendants with illicit association,” judicial sources close to the process confirmed to the press.

Reports provided by the General Directorate of Investigations and Technological Support for Criminal Investigation (Datip) on October 26, suggest that the result of the investigations into the mobile phones of the accused “deserves new testing measures.”

“The court has had this report available for almost a month and has not taken a single measure, neither evidentiary nor legal,” said the vice president’s lawyers.

The legal team of the former Argentine president says that the judge in charge of the case did not take care to follow the evidence fully, so it is “another sign that the objective is not to investigate, but to get rid of this case quickly.”

In this sense, the defenders say that they will insist before the Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires, the Argentine capital, to remove Judge Capuchetti from the case after refusing to recuse herself.

For this, they will use irregularities, arbitrariness, lack of impartiality, stoppage of investigations and negligent action, as arguments in the attempt to challenge the magistrate, say the legal representatives of Cristina Fernández.

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