The 28-year-old man had the reported $617,500 in his possession.
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An unusual event occurred in Chaco: he wanted to scam his mother-in-law to keep a large sum of money and his car. The man reported an alleged robbery when he was the collector of Rapipago. He denounced that he was intercepted by a thief who threatened to kill him and took everything. Then the truth came out: faked the crime and made the false complaint to keep the proceeds.

What happened to the man who faked a robbery to keep his mother-in-law’s money

According to the man’s account, the alleged robbery was while he was doing his homework, at 900 Belgrano Street, and there he was intercepted by a criminal. After the complaint, the police officers began to investigate and speak with the residents of the area to rule out any doubts.

The 28-year-old man had the reported $617,500 in his possession. (Radio Chaco/)

As they were gathering information, they realized that there were contradictions and inconclusive facts that did not resemble the version of the complainant. The following act, they delayed the man, son-in-law of the Rapipago’s wife.

When he was intercepted by the police, the 28-year-old man had in his possession the reported $617,500 and the car keys. Finally, he was arrested. The items were seized and the money was returned to the mother-in-law.

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