What are the main reasons for falling into liana relationships?  (Photo: Terillo Walls/Pexels)

There are people who do not manage to fall in love or establish love ties. There are others that had only one company and maintain it against all odds. But there are also those are always in partner and, if they suffer a love break, they automatically look for new company. In psychology, this way of connecting continuously, without oxygenating pause, is known as “liana relationship”.

“In these cases, what is missing is a grieving processa process that consists of different stages that a person must go through, ”psychology graduate Eliana Álvarez (MN 68,245) warns Con Bienestar.

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This inner time can last a yearalthough it does not mean that a person cannot start another relationship in a “healthy way” before, because times are “very relative in psychology”, since each person is different.

The duel in a breakup

The lawyer indicates that there must be a moment of reconstruction of that rupture or that loss. Pretend that nothing happened it is not convenientas one would be missing elaborationa conclusion to that stage.

Don’t give him that closure, he can have impact in the near or distant future. “In some way, not being able to process that part of his life makes the person disconnected,” he says.

In his office, Álvarez sees cases of people who end up with one partner on Friday and start with another on Saturday.

“This is, at some point, a difficulty that the person has to face what we call the empty. That loneliness, that lack that we all have and that sometimes turns out to be distressing”, describes the psychologist. In certain personalities, it is more difficult to face that emptiness.

What are the main reasons for falling into liana relationships? (Photo: Terillo Walls/Pexels)

“One tries, in some way and through the certain couples that one chooses, make up for a lackwhich can mean an infinity of things, since it depends on each person”, explains Álvarez.

The “liana relationships”

In loving bonds, one of its fundamental components is the desire. And in “liana relationships”, the person “is not locating himself as the subject he desires and cannot be recognized internally.”

“For a variety of reasons, this happens. Each person in his psyche it is singular and must always be analyzed in its context. Although, if one aspect must be highlighted, the strongest has to do with the inability to find yourself”, indicates the graduate.

The dependent personality it is another possible factor, and, in that case, “we will have to see what relationship he had with his parents, to determine if he is following some pattern of behavior that transfers it to his love life.”

Is it difficult to put a stop to them? “Yes,” Alvarez replies. “It is difficult, because the person he doesn’t do it consciously”, he adds.

Patients who go through this type of situation manage to identify the problem after work that takes time and consists of an elaboration of the past and the current context.

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