Chaos in Constitución due to the sale of train tickets to the Coast.  (Photo: image capture)
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The sale of train tickets to sea ​​of ​​silver and Pinamar It started with delay by system crash. After 7 in the morning, the Argentine train website collapsed due to the high demand for tickets.

Many people chose to go buy them in person: there are 41 ticket offices enabled. However, there were also delays. Hundreds of passengers line up since yesterday, at the door of the Constitución train stationin order to buy a ticket. In the place, 24 ticket offices were enabled.

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“I have been since yesterday at 8. There are people who have been here since the day before yesterday. It does not move. The people are impressive. You can’t travel by bus because they are very expensive. It’s shameful and disrespectful those of us who were waiting all night. Please, open the windows,” a woman told TN, in the Constitución hall, in the middle of long lines to get a ticket.

Chaos in Constitución due to the sale of train tickets to the Coast. (Photo: image capture)

From Trenes Argentinos they reported that there are also other 17 points of sale in different AMBA stationssuch as Temperley, Alejandro Korn and La Plata, among others.

The company put up for sale 435,000 tickets to travel to Mar del Plata and other 51,000 for the section that covers from General Guido to Divisadero de Pinamar.

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However, they pointed out that from December 19 will be increased to three daily services to Mar del Plata and will be reinforced on Fridays and weekends.

One of the reasons for the high demand for train tickets to Mar del Plata and Pinamar is the cost of the tickets: cheaper than micro. A train ticket to Mar del Plata costs $1,840 and to Pinamar $1,590. Unlike a bus ticket that is between $4,970 and $9,900 depending on the section.

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In addition, starting this year, Trenes Argentinos implemented a new modality that is the confirmation of the trip. In this way, as of December 1, passengers must confirm their trips on long-distance trains. between 72 and 24 hours prior to departureOtherwise, the ticket will be on sale again. Confirmation can be made on the web and also through the number of Argentine Trains: 0800 222 8736, with the reservation number and DNI.

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