Chernyshenko: Russian companies can receive up to 50% of revenue from the export of system-wide software
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“General system software and systems that are quite versatile, such as ERP (Enterprise resource planning, enterprise business process planning software – IF) and CAD / CAM systems (Computer Assisted Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing, computer-aided design / computer-controlled production – IF), have great export potential. We expect to receive up to half of the revenue of Russian vendors in foreign markets. And with niche solutions, let’s say, oil production is more difficult, and 15% is predicted there, “Chernyshenko quotes a statement at the AI ​​Journey conference” Interfax”.

As the Deputy Prime Minister noted, the Russian market cannot be “closed and autocratic”: “Therefore, in a good sense, we are doomed to go to other countries and provide real competition to recognized international majors, achieving our fair role in the international market.”

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