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The 4-year-old Haitian boy who tested positive for cholerabecoming the second case imported into the country and who was admitted to the hospital Father Fantino of Montecrististabilized quickly, thanks to an immediate hydration process.

This was reported by the Minister of Public health, daniel riverawho recalled that in the Dominican Republic “we do not yet have autochthonous cases”, since the minor entered the country through Dajabón, coming from Port-au-Prince.

“Thank God this (case) was not as complicated as the previous one, but rather it was a four-year-old boy who immediately after eight or ten hours of hydration had already improved. Cholera treated on time, there is a quick response “Rivera stated.

The infant was kept under observation, but if there were no changes, the order was for him to be discharged this Tuesday.

The official said that the health authorities remain alert. “Any patient that is detected, we immediately do the epidemiological siege and we give preventive treatment”, he reiterated.

He called on the population Do not neglect hygiene measures, maintain good hand washing and water chlorination.

Rivera asked to “continue to take care of all of us”, without losing hope of “seeing how Haiti manages to overcome its problem to prevent our country from having this permanent risk” of anger and other diseases like malaria and diphtheria.

Bicycle parking in SP

The minister highlighted the benefits of exercising outdoors. (DANIA ACEVEDO.)

The official spoke after leading the act of launching the “Road Safety Week”, which seeks to raise awareness among drivers about the dangers of not resting properly, smoking, drinking alcohol or using drugs when driving, also encouraging exercise such as walking or cycling. Traffic accidents are the third leading cause of death in the country, surpassed by cardiac events and stroke.

The minister cut the ribbon on the bicycle parking lot within the Ministry of Health, while promoting the use of protective helmets.

For his part, the representative of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Oliver Ronveauxsaid that in addition to being healthy, the bike does not pollute the air, saves money on fuel and time on plugs.

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