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The Flemish agency Growing up has suspended the permit of a childminder in Malle after an 11-month-old baby was seriously injured. In addition, the license has been lifted from six locations of the NeoKids group.

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The exact circumstances of the incident at the suspended childminder in Malle are not yet clear. Police declined to comment pending the investigation. The fact is that the foster mother called the emergency aid and that she was resuscitating the child when the ambulance arrived. This is an 11 month old baby. At this point, a tragic combination of circumstances is assumed.

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The childminder belongs to the organization Ferm, and was immediately closed and temporarily suspended by the agency Growing up. “The woman herself is very affected by it and can of course not take care of children now,” says spokeswoman Caroline Audoor van Ferm. “We have informed the other parents about this and also informed Growing Up, as it should be. At the moment it seems to us to be an accident.”

Serious injury

“The facts are very, very serious,” says Nele Wouters, spokeswoman for Growing Up. “It is about a serious injury. But at this point we don’t know exactly what happened. That still needs to be investigated.” This month alone, eight daycare centers have been temporarily suspended. Seven of them received that verdict this week. Among them is another childminder, from Machelen. And for the rest five childcare locations of the same operator, all of which bear the name Mippie and Moppie, each with a different number behind it.


Today the curtain finally fell on six daycare centers of the organization NeoKids. These are De Vrienden van Dory in Antwerp, Bambi in Overijse, Babystories in Dilbeek, Dumbo’s Kids in Hoeilaart, Biokids in Kraainem and Totoche in Zaventem.

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“This is the end point of a long process with Growing Up, to eliminate structural shortages,” says Wouters. “It concerns a group of crèches that chose the Montessori approach, and did so. To our knowledge, there were no violations of the children’s physical or psychological integrity. But they were not in order with their registrations of staff and of the children who came. That seems less important, but that way we get no insight at all into how they work. Financial problems have also recently surfaced and, according to our information, four of those five daycare centers have already closed automatically as a result. NeoKids also had daycare centers in the French-speaking part of the country. Our French-speaking counterpart ONE has also recently closed it.”

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