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Do you know the importance of playing with your sons? It is proven that the play contributes to the healthy development of kidssince it allows your brain to create the necessary neural connection that will guarantee timely responses in your adult life.

From the guide for families “Comprehensive development in early childhood”prepared by the Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture and the National Institute of Comprehensive Care for Early Childhood, explain that the play It is the activity par excellence in the first years of life, because in addition to entertaining, it involves all the senses and abilities.

Parents are the first companions of play of the kids. Activities as simple as singing to them while they are being fed or making funny faces while changing their diapers convey the message that they are loved and that they are also having fun sharing with them. In this way, you can develop the confidence and self-esteem necessary to build positive relationships throughout your life.


Here are some tips offered by the guide to support the development of the kids through the play:

-Let him choose how and what he wants to play with. Sometimes the kids they are attracted to objects, not toys. Allow him to play with them, as long as they don’t present any danger.

-Put objects within reachthat you can move with your legs or hands.

-Let him show you new ways to use the objects and gameseven if it is not “the right way”, letting you use your imagination.

-Give him time to explore it with all the senses he wants; look at it, touch it, smell it, hear it and even taste it (the kids little ones put things in their mouths because it is a way of knowing them. Therefore, it is important that the objects within their reach are clean and that they are not toxic or very small since they can be swallowed without wanting to).

-Offer him objects from the environment such as plastic bottles, scraps of fabric, or cardboard boxes, and watch how he plays with them. Later you can help him transform them into works of art or any object that dictates his imagination and creativity, like maracas, for example.

– Designate a safe and welcoming space. The place will depend on the house, it can be in the room or in the living room.

-Check if there is too much noise or distractions. The ideal is make it a quiet space, where you can concentrate.

-Check the space where you play periodically. Check to see if the space is still safe and appropriate for his size and achievement level so you can avoid wanting to control what he does and prevent tantrums and accidents.

-Have age-appropriate objects and enough space for activities you enjoy together including exploring, dancing, jumping, drawing or throwing a ball.

-Have patience and repeat the same game over and over again.

-Help him when you notice that he is frustrated. You can help him by naming his emotions, asking him a question that will help him think about what he is going through, and encouraging him to continue trying to solve problems.

The most important thing for babies and children kids at play time are interactions with caring adults and with whom they develop secure attachment relationships.

through the play the child is entertained and has fun, knows the world around him, uses newly acquired skills, explores his imagination and creativity, learns to relate to others, makes plans and executes them, assumes responsibility for his words and actions, as well as develops your personality.

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