Chile: Boric mourned the death of the journalist shot on Workers' Day

the president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, lamented this Thursday the death of the journalist Francisca Sandovalwho was the victim of a gunshot to the face while covering an act for Workers’ Day, and assured that there will be no impunity in this case.

“Violence harms democracy and irreparably damages families. Our commitment is to security and justice, and we will not rest in that desire. My condolences and I embrace the family of Francisca Sandoval, innocent victim of criminals. We will not allow impunity,” Boric wrote on his Twitter account.

The murder of Sandoval, 29, was in the framework of a confrontation between illegal merchants from the Meiggs neighborhood, in Santiago de Chile, and those who were demonstrating for Workers’ Day in an act of the Central Classista de Trabajadores, parallel to that of the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores. Research progress indicates, at least so far, that she received a bullet in the face that was not aimed at her.

Shortly after the death of Sandoval, whose condition had not improved since May 1, was confirmed, the Minister of the Interior, Izkia Siches, spoke. “We have had unfortunate stories like this in different contexts. That tells us about the moment the country is going through and how necessary it is to return to a space of greater order,” she said in an interview with Radio Pudahuel. “This is a job that we cannot do alone as a government,” but rather “requires the will of the different sectors,” she added.

The confirmation of Sandoval’s death was also followed by the pronouncement of Dozens of Chilean journalists who, on social networks, demanded justice in this case and security for those who carry out journalistic tasks.

The medium in which he worked, the community channel Signal 3 The Victory, He sentenced on his Twitter account: “Francisca did not leave us. They murdered her. (…) We will miss you and will do everything possible to find the truth.”

The legal investigation

The suspect of having fired the bullet that killed Sandoval, Marcelo Naranjo, has been in preventive detention since last week, when he was charged with frustrated homicide. After the journalist’s death, the prosecutor in the case, Tania Sironvalle, announced that he will be charged with murder.

Naranjo, 41, is a street vendor from the Meiggs neighborhood with a criminal record for drug trafficking.

This Thursday an appeals court rejected a request presented by the defendant’s defense that requested that preventive detention be replaced by precautionary measures.

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