Chile: truckers chain second day of strike due to fuel prices
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The union of truckers of the Confederation of Transportistas Fuerza del Norte, along with other organizations, chained its second day of strike on Tuesday with damages on several highways in Chili as a protest against the rise in fuel prices and the “unsafety”.

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In the last hour of this Monday, after the first day of mobilizations, the Chilean government reached an initial agreement with leaders of the National Confederation of Freight Transport of Chile (CNTC) and the National Confederation of Truck Owners (CNDC), among other organizations.

Both the CNTC and the CNDC did not join the strike of the carriers this Monday and issued a statement describing “absolutely irresponsible” the protest, due to “the serious economic difficulties that the country is going through”.

The Association of Owners and Drivers of Paine Trucks, on the other hand, joined the strike.

Among the points of the agreement with the Chilean Executive is establishing a fixed value for a liter of diesel for three months, but the unemployed unions maintained the strike while waiting to consult the proposal with their bases.

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The president of CNTC, Sergio Pérez, at the end of the meeting with the Chilean Executive, assured that his organization does not plan to join the truckers’ strike, but they will consult the Government’s proposal with their organizations to assess future mobilizations.

“We make our own what the Fuerza del Norte Transporters Union Confederation is demanding,” remarked the leader of the CNTC, adding that they hope that the Governmentor “definitely comply”.

Leaders of Fuerza del Norte and the Association of Owners and Drivers of Paine criticized the government’s principle of agreement, and decided to maintain the strike: “It doesn’t represent us, it doesn’t run with us.”expressed the president of the Paine organization, Marcelino Pérez.

On the morning of this Tuesday, there were again damages on highways in the north of the country, with partially cut roads, with trucks parked on their margins.

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