Chile week in China: water use, green hydrogen and wines will be the stars
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This Tuesday begins the seventh version of Chile Week China, the most important national trade promotion event in the Asian giant. And, although sanitary restrictions to mitigate Covid-19 infections are a thing of the past in most countries, in the second largest economy in the world they are still in force. This forced, for the second consecutive year, the initiative to be carried out in a hybrid format, a seal with which the week was inaugurated.

On Monday night in Santiago -Tuesday morning in Beijing- there were parallel face-to-face ceremonies in both cities, connected by streaming, marking the beginning of an event that will last until the 29th of this month.

Seminars, workshops, business meetings, dinners with authorities and talks are part of the range available to strengthen the insertion of Chilean companies already established in China, as well as importers and final consumers, in the cities of Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai and Guangzhou. And, those who want to participate from Chile can do so through virtual instances.

Years ago, the work of ProChile -a national export promotion agency, which organizes Chile Week- has focused China on opening new opportunities for food, among other sectors. But this version will also aim to address challenges in the use of water, green hydrogen, the inclusion of women in international trade and e-commerce.

The offer

Promotional activities will begin in Beijing after the opening. The first will be a face-to-face business meeting, in which 22 Chilean companies will make themselves known. The focus will be importers, distributors, retail, e-commerce and consumers, and each participating firm will have a stand and a digital form to schedule future meetings.

On the same day there will be a hybrid cooking show that will address issues such as traceability, food safety, innovation and sustainability.

On Wednesday the agenda includes a seminar to promote energy policy related to green hydrogen, focused on Chinese companies in the sector, and in which InvestChile will also participate. Then a hybrid wine master class is scheduled for 10 vineyards and 50 importers.

On Thursday the activities will move to Chengdu, and the first thing will be the official inauguration of the commercial office in that city, operational since last year. The city is considered key for agricultural products, the sea, meats and wines.

The next day there will be a hybrid seminar on news in the agri-food industry and investment opportunities in Chile, dedicated to local importers, distributors and retailers.

Monday will be Shanghai Day, with a hybrid seminar on the use of water in scenarios of change and development, and then a food promotion streaming focused on final consumers. Finally, there will be the webinar “Experiences and challenges of e-commerce in China”, which will resume the mentoring work of Fudan University with Chilean companies, and will invite new firms to participate.

The closing of Chile Week will be in Guangzhou, with an online meeting of business opportunities for Chilean wine, aimed at importers and distributors.

Until October, ProChile’s four commercial offices in China served 338 Chilean companies and 420 Chinese importers, managing more than 70 business agendas.

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