Chile will begin to sanction parents who do not pay child support
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Chili will begin to penalize parents who do not pay their children’s alimony thanks to a register of debtors that came into force this Friday and that has the objective of protecting the rights of children and adolescents.

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“What is sought is to help families, and women in particular, quickly receive the pensions they need, and that it is not the victims themselves who have to act as private detectives for those who do not pay child support. ”, said Justice Minister Marcela Ríos.

The so-called National Registry of Alimony Debtors will punish any person who has been sued for not paying alimony for their children for three consecutive or five discontinuous months.

Among the sanctions, there is the withholding of up to 50% of the credits requested by the debtor parents, the withholding of tax refunds or the impossibility of renewing driver’s licenses or passports.

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“Fathers and mothers, everyone is jointly responsible for the upbringing of their children”added the minister in statements to the media.

The courts will inform the debtor in case it enters the registry, and the parties in conflict will be able to consult the details of the case.

Former Chilean President Sebastián Piñera, whose second government (2018-2022) promoted the registration of debtors, assured on his Twitter account that “as of today, mothers and children are finally better protected” with “hard, fair and necessary measures for parents to assume their responsibilities and pay child support.”

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