China: officially, foreign students are welcome again

During a press conference dated July 21, “Premier Li Keqiang said all international students can return to China”, reports the daily The Hindu, as the country plans to increase the number of its international flights. An announcement awaited by “tens of thousands of foreign students”, depending on the daily.

We have worked hard for the return of foreign students to China. Some have already returned to the country to resume their studies,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin. The China Admissions online platformwhich helps foreign students enroll in Chinese universities, believes that there are actually “less than 20,000 international students” in China currently, which represents less than 5% of foreign students who were present in the territory before the pandemic. And apart from these declarations of principle, no timetable has been made public by the Chinese government.

“We won’t be able to come back for at least two years”

Most foreign students enrolled in Chinese universities therefore remain in the most total uncertainty. “If they continue like this, we won’t be able to go back there for at least two years”, says Talha Kan, a Pakistani student at specialized site The PIE News.

“So far, China has not given clear dates, but small groups of students have started returning to the country since March.“, Explain The PIE News. The reopening is expected to be gradual and could take several months or even years, depending on the students’ countries of origin, according to China Admissions.

These announcements by Chinese officials come as the country gradually facilitates entry into its territory. The expected quarantine time on arrival has been reduced from twenty-one days to seven days and direct airlines to destinations banned for two years are reopening. The Beijing-Paris line is one of them, precise Bloomberg.

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