China orders coronavirus lockdown in Zhengzhou after violent protests
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The authorities of Zhengzhouhome to the largest iPhone factory in the world, ordered several districts of this city to be confined amid an outbreak of COVID-19 which has sparked panic and violent protests.

The residents of downtown Zhengzhou they must not leave their houses “unless necessary” the local government said Wednesday night.

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In addition, they cannot leave the area if they do not present a negative covid test and obtain permission from the authorities, he added.

The restrictions, which will last at least five days from midnight Friday, will affect more than six million people, about half the population of this city in the center of China.

The government notice also requires residents of eight districts to undergo a daily covid test during this period.

This order comes after the outbreak of violent protests in the vast industrial complex in the city of the technology firm Foxconn, where the largest production of telephones is located. iphone of the world.

The factory imposed anti-covid restrictions on its own for a month to prevent the proliferation of infections among its workforce.

Images of workers fleeing the factory on foot surfaced last month amid allegations of poor working conditions at the facility.

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The municipal government of Zhengzhou said Wednesday that the outbreak in the city was “still serious and complicated”.

The Asian giant announced this Thursday a record of daily infections since the start of the pandemic, with 31,454 new cases, a relatively low figure in a population of 1.4 billion people.

Of these new infections, 675 were registered in Zhengzhouthe vast majority asymptomatic.

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