China relaxes its policy of health restrictions, life resumes its rights

“China’s Entry and Mandatory Lockdown Adjustment Policy Shows Signs of Easing,” observes the Beijing correspondent of the Singaporean newspaper Lianhe Zaobao June 17. The journalist notes that, in many cities, the duration of collective quarantine has been reduced to seven days, instead of fourteen to twenty-one days depending on the city. The civil aviation administration has also relaxed the so-called rules of “circuit breaker”, a sanction mechanism against airlines, put in place by the Chinese authorities in June 2020. If a passenger is detected positive for Covid-19 upon arrival in Chinese territory, the company that transported him will be sanctioned by flight suspensions. With the new rules, the observation period has been reduced from seven days to five days, “which reduces the likelihood of flight cancellations”.

Reduced duration of confinement

It was the Chinese capital that took the initiative to reduce the duration of collective confinement to ten days last month for people coming from abroad, indicates Lianhe Zaobao. And, this month, the province of Sichuan and the cities of Xuzhou (d

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