Agostina Carrales, the woman from Salta who is all the rage on TikTok.
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Augustine Carrales became a trend again. The 19-year-old from Salta is well known on TikTok for the great resemblance she has with Eugenia “China” Suarezand to remind his followers, published a video with the song that the actress made with The Polish.

“Already I do not want to see you” It is the subject that both artists brought up months ago. For this reason, the girl from Salta decided to follow the trend with the rhythm that explodes in every bowling alley in her province.

The followers of Carrales did not take long and began to comment on his publication. In addition to reminding her how beautiful she is of hers, they assured that she is more and more similar to Rusherking’s girlfriend.

Who is Agostina Carrales, the woman from Salta who looks like China Suárez?

The 19-year-old is well known on social networks for being almost a clone of the actress, and coming to look more like her than her own children. Furthermore, like Eugenia, she was a mother long ago.

Agostina shows her artistic side on her Instagram and TikTok accounts. The salteña likes it dance and singbut she also makes content showing her different outfits and is the creator of a candy entrepreneurship.

Agostina Carrales, the woman from Salta who is all the rage on TikTok.

However, she assured that she was surprised every time they marked her similarity with the actress. According to this influencer, who has around 70,000 followers on TikTok, She doesn’t look like Vicuña’s ex.

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