Chinese astronaut breaks record for days in space
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Along with two other astronauts (taikonauts as used in China to differentiate from American aerospace terminology), Chen was sent to the Tianhe module of the Chinese space stationaboard the Shenzhou-14 ship, last June 5 for a six month stay.

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Who is Chen Dong, the astronaut who broke the record

It is the second time man has ventured into space, following his first 33-day Shenzhou-11 mission on Tiangong-2 – the space station’s predecessor – in 2016.

That period is added to the 170 days that it has now been orbiting the earth to reach the record of 200 days.

After his first space trip, Chen was awarded a third class medal and the honorary title of “heroic taikonaut”.

Meanwhile, he was born in 1978 in the central Chinese province of Henan. He was recruited into the Chinese taikonaut team in May 2010.


Appointed the mission commander, he led the Shenzhou-14 crew to complete multiple tasks in the past five months.

These tasks include:

  • three space walks
  • A series of scientific experiments
  • A live science conference
  • Various in-orbit rendezvous, docking, and flip operations

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