Chinese province uses epidemic prevention QR code to stop protests

The Chinese province of Henan is using the application for tracking and storing test results for Covid-19, essential for traveling and accessing public places in China, to prevent protests.

According to Hong Kong television network Phoenix TV, the QR code of people who tried to travel to Henan, after local state-owned banks suspended transfers and withdrawals, suddenly turned red, preventing travel to other territories or access to public places, while arrive in Henan or even before they start their journey.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Chinese local governments have issued these codes, which attest that the user has not been in an area at risk of contagion or in contact with possible infected people.

However, in recent months there have been indications that Chinese authorities are using these codes to prevent unwanted travel.

Phoenix TV reported that a woman, identified by the nickname Ai, said that when she arrived in the capital of Henan province, the city of Zhengzhou, last Sunday, she was visited at the hotel by a policeman, who asked her why she was traveling.

Ai replied that he wanted to withdraw his savings. Shortly after, her health QR code turned red.

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