Chivalactics!  Flock thrashes Pumas and there will be Clásico Vs Atlas in Liguilla VIDEO

The Chivas from Guadalajara they beat 4-1 Cougars in the playoffs, to advance to the Clausura 2022 Playoffs, with Atlas as a rival in the 4th. of End.

Christian Calderón, Fernando Beltrán, José Juan Macías and Alexis Vega scored against Pumas, for whom only Diogo could score, in an intense game that was defined in the last 20 minutes.

A) Yes the Classic Tapatío Atlas Vs Chivas was put together in 4th. of enda series that will start at the Akron Stadium and will close the weekend at the Jalisco Stadium.

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Sparks of quality in Chivas

The scoreboard opened at minute 12, when Christian Calderón took advantage of a feline defense error to score the ball to Alfredo Talavera.

The Brazilian Diogo tied the ’19, with a bumpy drive, but Ferdinand Beltran regained the lead for Chivas early in the second halfculminating a great play down the middle.

Pumas went on the attack, but could not disturb the red-and-white goalkeeper and was exposed to counterattacks.

The only danger for the university students came in the 85th minute, when Jefferson Corozo crossed from the left and found Juan Dinenno’s header, but the shot went wide.

On the next play, Jose Juan Macias a quick counterattack culminated and made it 3-1rounded by Alexis Vega yaal ’89, for the final 4-1.-

Pumas thus closed a nightmarish weekWell, on Wednesday they lost the final of the Concacaf Champions League against the Seattle Sounders, with a 3-0 return and a 5-2 aggregate.

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