Cristian Ritondo and Maria Eugenia Vidal

The deputy and president of the bloc of PROCristian Ritondo, spoke with Jorge Fontevecchia in Fontevecchia modeby Net TV Y Radius Profile (FM 101.9), and assured that he wants to be a candidate for governor of the province of Buenos Aires. He also stated that he would love “María Eugenia Vidal to be our candidate for president.” He in turn stressed that he wants a Enviable province instead of unfeasible and emphasized that Milei and Espert express ideas that can be valuable for the country

Does what happened yesterday in La Plata indicate that María Eugenia Vidal will be a candidate for president?

We work so as not to lose contact with the neighbors. We were with Mauricio Macri, María Eugenia and Julius Garro to see what his reality is and how his life improved after the work that was done to benefit almost 500 thousand people from Buenos Aires. The doorbell It is a unique experience because we do not know what is going to happen. We were in Toulouse which is a middle class area to have a thermometer of what is happening to us. I’m doing tours and it’s important not to lose contact. I would love for María Eugenia Vidal to be our candidate for president. She has management experience, a very correct criterion on the management of the State and the courage to peel and improve Argentina.

Vidal revived the Buenos Aires intern and ratified his preference for Ritondo

Did the relationship between María Eugenia Vidal and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta suffer?

All those who do politics can think of reaching the presidency because it is the maximum instance to improve people’s quality of life. Vidal has all the characteristics for Argentina that is needed. I saw it in the province of Buenos Aires and in the City. I am talking about his management capacity and the strength to give the necessary fights. Big changes need to be made in the country.

Vidal vs. Larreta: an unexpected intern

As a candidate for governor of the province of Buenos Aires, what would be your competition?

I want to be the one who best represents the values ​​of Together for Change and contribute the experience I had from having traveled the Province. In recent years, and also as a minister, I have been in each place providing solutions. Public policies must be adopted to improve the lives of the people of Buenos Aires, knowing what they need. Today it is abandoned by a delegate from the central power who cares very little about the Province. were two years without classes And they don’t even have newsletters. The main fight is against the drug trafficking. We are going to have to rebuild the province of Buenos Aires. The Province has to go from being unviable to being enviable.

Nuria Am (NA): Did the people of the province of Buenos Aires forgive Vidal?

In all the tours with María Eugenia, things go very well for her, she connects with people and they never complained to her. They miss her because she was always out of her office for a long time to be in contact with people. She never lost that and yesterday there were people who received us with tears in her eyes because they can’t stand the level of anguish. This has to do with the fights between Alberto and Cristina, Axel Kicillof who says anythingOh, this makes hand in hand very positive and gives us enormous strength.

Juan Luis Gonzalez (JLG): You were with Mauricio Macri, who had contacts with Javier Milei. How do you see his approach to space?

It seems to me positive. In some things I agree and in others I have differences with what he says and his ways. Society has a lot of anger and we need solid leadership, trained to form teams and listen to people. It is not a fight from solitude. It is one thing to yell in a television program and another is build majorities. Milei and Espert express ideas that can be valuable for the country. We are going to build bridges and work to end Kirchnerism.

You were a candidate in the Province and in the City, the same as Vidal. Are there differences between one district and the other?

There are huge differences as the volume of problems of the Province and its territorial composition. It has 129 municipalities with agro-industrial activity, there are rural societies, it produces 60% of the industry, refines oil, contributes 40% of agricultural exports and has great tourism potential. In addition, you live with mayors of different parties, it is a different construction. There are also common problems to address, but the Province has a much bigger problem.

Internal PRO | María Eugenia Vidal has already chosen a candidate for governor in the province of Buenos Aires

Geopolitically, can the candidates be on one side and the other of General Paz?

The challenge is to know the province of Buenos Aires. I want to be governor because I know the Province and we have a team to improve people’s lives in the face of a government that does not give answers. It’s a bigger challenge, but when I went security minister They told me it was crazy, that no one lasted four years, we had to face the damn police and reduce crime. I ended up reducing the homicides, the drugs, there was an audience on the courts and we took out the bars. What we did with Vidal had results and it was the way to go.


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