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O Chrome 103, latest browser update, has come to major operating systems. However, in addition to the general improvements, the Google implemented some additional features for users of iOS.

Among the novelties is the Enhanced Safe Browsing (Enhanced Safe Browsing) for iOS, which strengthens protection against phishing, malware and other threats. The feature can predict and warn if a website is dangerous and send alerts about compromised credentials.

The update also brings the Chrome Actions for iOS, which allows you to quickly perform some tasks from the web address bar. It is possible to clear browsing data, open an incognito tab or set Chrome as the default browser, for example, just by typing the command.

XDA Developers

(Credit: XDA Developers)

Another highlight is the new layout from the menu that appears when the user clicks on the three points which are on the far right, top, of the browser. It now highlights the most important or most frequently used options.

iPhone and iPad users will also be able to configure the Google Password Manager as the default autofill tool on your devices. And the website translation feature is getting improvements thanks to an updated language identification model.

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(Credits: Shutterstock)

Google recently released Chrome 103 for androidiOS and desktop, with improvements like faster load times, .avif support for the web sharing API, and access to local fonts. The company also says it “is making it easier for users to discover new content or start a new search in Chrome for iOS”, but there aren’t many details about this change. More news should arrive in the coming weeks.

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