Chubut Judge Mariel Suárez and the prisoner
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The Council of the Chubut Magistracy resolved unanimously raise jury the complaints against the Judge Mariel Suárezfrom Comodoro Rivadavia, accused of poor performance in her duties after being seen kissing with a detainee. Said decision implied the endorsement of the final report of the Summary signed by the counselor Mirta Pacheco.

In this way, the decision was made after raising the evidence and the summary formulated by the Superior Court of Justice, added to the investigation carried out by the Admissibility Commission, which indicated the lack of impartiality and excuseamong other things.

Consequently, it was unanimously found that the conduct of Dr. Mariel Alejandra Suarez “configure the cause of poor performance established by law” for not obeying the duties imposed by the Public Ethics Law and the duty of impartiality imposed by the Criminal Procedure Code.

In this sense, it was considered that Suárez “He adopted unseemly behaviors”in relation to those required by his position and function, and it was pointed out that you omitted information when reporting your location corresponding to December 29 and 30, 2021, moments where he was absent from his place of work without justification.

Consequently, it was decided to refer the proceedings to the Prosecution Court and it was determined that there will be three members forming the Accusing Commissionwho will be Manuel Burgueño, Paula Cardozo and Jorge Früchtenich.

He was sentenced to life for killing a policeman, a judge voted against it and kissed him in jail

For his part, Suárez maintained that he did not stop fulfilling his obligations, did not allow terms to issue sentences to expire, did not carry out acts incompatible or prohibited by the Constitution, nor did he disobey orders from his superiors. Instead, he pointed out that he was doing “academic work.” However, the Chubut Judicial Council dismissed his claims.

In this regard, the magistrate He assured that he did not perform any inappropriate or contrary to moral act during his jail visit, arguing that he only sat for a few minutes and that the video is a illegal and manipulated recording that does not tarnish her activity as a judge in the case.

Also, Suárez denounced that his rights were violated and during the process, the right to defense and the right to equality were affected, at the same time that their work and job perception were harmed. About, requested the dismissal and filing of the complaint, request that was rejected by members of the Judicial Council.

The case of the judge who kissed a prisoner

The event for which the magistrate is being tried occurred on December 29 of last year in one of the rooms of the Trelew Provincial Penitentiary Institute (IPP)although it emerged in January of this year when a video began to circulate where a judge kisses a prisoner sentenced to life imprisonment.

The controversial event became relevant when the Chubut Superior Court of Justice initiated administrative proceedings against Mariel Suarezthe judge who is the protagonist of the video, which was confirmed by a local guard officer, since she participated in the trial where the detainee who killed a police officer in 2009 was charged for life, and in which he had spoken out in dissent.

Judge Mariel Suárez and detainee Cristian “Mai” Bustos.

In the images of the moment it can be clearly seen how the woman and the detainee, identified as Cristian “Mai” Bustos, they get closer and end up kissing for a short time. It should be mentioned that the inmate had been sentenced to life for the murder of police officer “Tito” Roberts in Corcovado, in 2009.

Even Bustos confessed to the crime, at which time Judge María Laura Martini, Judge Ximena Miranda Nastovich and Mariel Suárez, who voted dissentingly to lower the defendant’s sentence, only to be seen making out with him a week later.



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