Chyno Miranda had anxiety and addiction, according to her cousin

After appearing in the internet search engine that the artist Chyno Miranda had died on July 29, his manager Julio Ducharne came out to deny said information and the singer’s cousin, Yarubay Zapata Pérez, confirmed to People en Español that his relative is with life and recovering in a rehabilitation center in Venezuela since December.

“Of course he’s alive. We would like this negative issue to be reversed because that situation (for Chyno) makes him sad, ”said Zapata Pérez, who visits him every week and assures that he is aware of the health of his cousin.

Yarubay explained that due to the neuropathy he suffered in 2020 as a consequence of the COVID-19 virus, the interpreter of “Where we are going to see each other” also suffered from encephalitis that ultimately generated a situation of anxiety and addiction due to the medications he was taking, in addition He assured that the decision to move him from Miami to his native country was made by the family because they understood that his recovery could be better with his care.

“As a result of the neuropathy that gave him that generated encephalitis and seeing himself in the conditions in which he was, it generated a lot of anxiety, a lot of depression and that also led to an addiction problem. So, we decided to bring him to Venezuela and he accepted. He is a human being; everyone sees him as a public figure, as an artist. But in the face of all the adversities that a human being can go through, the best thing was for him to be with us at home, with his relatives, because the situation he was experiencing there [en Miami] away from us did not allow him to overcome the deterioration he suffered from the encephalitis that he went through in October 2020, “he said.

“The drugs were too strong. A person as active as Jesús Alberto when seeing himself in these conditions, being away from us, from his closest family nucleus, from his mother, from his aunts, from his cousins ​​who in this case are Yurubí and I who have always been supportive, Well, it brought about that addiction problem and that he couldn’t control it,” he said.

Yarubay ended by asking them to trust the process and although he clarified that Miranda has not been at risk of death, he denied knowing when he could return to the stage, since the road ahead is long, but that he has even recently spoken to him about his future plans. , including a clothing line and how he wants the video for the song “Always the sun will come out” to be.

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