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The comedian and presenter Jô Soares, who died this Friday (5th) at the age of 84, acted in movie comedies alongside stars of the chanchadas, directed a film and had one of his main books, ‘O Xangô de Baker Street’, adapted for big screens. Unfortunately, most of the features featuring Jô are not available on streaming services. It is possible to watch only one of them, ‘O Homem do Sputnik’, with Oscarito, on the website of Cinemateca Brasileira. And Canal Brasil will show this weekend the films ‘Sábado’ (1995) and ‘Giovanni Improtta’ (2013).

The comedian’s debut on the big screen took place in 1954, in ‘Rei do Movimento’, a musical comedy starring Ankito, one of the main names in Brazilian chanchadas. The comedian made a cameo in the film.

He would return to act in an Ankito feature two years later, in ‘De Pernas Pro Ar’, which also had Grande Otelo, Costinha and Wilson Grey. And in 1960, in ‘Vai Que É Mole’, where he sings the song ‘Ladrões de Corações’ with Ankito and Grande Otelo (in the plot, the two stars of the chanchadas are robbers who have just left prison).

In 1959, under the name of Joe Soares, he joined the cast of ‘O Homem do Sputnik’, a comedy in which Oscarito plays a redneck who witnesses the fall of the Russian satellite on his farm. Jô plays an American spy (in the plot, the object arouses the greed of Russian, French and US agents).

A year later, the comedian starred, alongside Ronald Golias, in ‘Tudo Legal’. In the film, they play, respectively, Euclides and Bronco, two naive people who get involved with a gang of smugglers in the port area of ​​Rio.

During the period of the military dictatorship, Jô participated in the feature ‘Hitler do Terceiro Mundo’ (1968), by José Agrippino de Paula. According to the Itaú Cultural Encyclopedia of Brazilian Art and Culture, the film, which refers to marginal cinema, talks about political repression by portraying an impotent dictator facing a coup d’état. The public screening of the feature only took place two decades after its completion.

A year after ‘Hitler do Terceiro Mundo’, Jô was in ‘A Mulher de Todos’, by Rogério Sganzerla. In the plot, Jô plays Doktor Plirtz, husband of the title character, Angela, played by Helena Ignez. She travels to an island without her husband, who hires a private detective to investigate whether Angela is faithful.

In 1976, the comedian wrote the script and directed ‘O Pai do Povo’, in addition to acting in the feature. He is the governor of a Pacific island that, after the explosion of atomic bombs around the world, is the only fertile man on the face of the earth. He becomes the ‘Father of the People’, and starts to profit from the condition of ‘breeder’, charging rich countries tariffs.

Two feature films that take place in São Paulo are also part of Jô’s film career. One of them is ‘Cidade Oculta’ (1986), by Chico Botelho, an adventure in the nightlife of São Paulo to the sound of Arrigo Barnabé.

​And the comedian made a cameo in ‘Sábado’ (1995), by Ugo Giorgetti, as one of the residents of the building in downtown São Paulo where an advertisement will be recorded. In the 2000s, Jô appeared in ‘O Xangô de Baker Street’ (2001), a film adaptation of his book directed by Miguel Faria Jr., and in ‘Giovanni Improtta’ (2013).

The Sputnik Man (1959)
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