Florentino Ameghino Park.
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Florentino Ameghino Park.


“With many difficulties, we managed to get our voice to the Legislature and show that together we could stop the project”said to Telam Gabriela Piovanoa neighbor of the Park, in reference to the campaign that began in defense of the park months ago when they became aware of the project presented by the deputy of Let’s go together, Emmanuel Ferrario.

The initiative foresees an investment of $26 million for the location of a monument of homage to those who died during the pandemic, with an extension of about 7,000 square meters of surface in the property delimited by the streets Monastery, Santa Cruz, Caseros and Uspallata of Patricks Park.


The place is considered a space of high historical and archaeological value since, in the middle of the XIX centuryhoused the old South Cemeterywhich received the deceased by the yellow fever epidemic Come in 1867 and 1872when it was closed.

Already in 1920 he became the Ameghino Park and, according to the report of some residents with more years of residence in the area, in the 40’s They found remains of coffins and human bones during remodeling work.


According to the neighborhood movement, they found out “casually” of the project that was under debate in the Legislature, after which they organized “to try to stop this encroachment”.

No one had asked us if we agreed with such a work in a park that we use every day of our lives, and one of the few green spaces that the City of Buenos Aires hasthey added.

It was then that they carried out various protest activities, such as a “traffic light” at the intersection of Homemade and the Riojaand one collection of signatures of accession; in addition to visit legislators to explain the reasons why they did not support the idea.


“Our motto it is not against the memorialbut We do not understand why the choice of this place who has a high historical, landscape and archaeological value”explained to Télam Maria Rosa Gamondesneighbor and member of the Advisory Council of Commune 4when they began the campaign to make their claim visible.

On the other hand, they affirmed that the work “includes more than 4,000 square meters of loss of grass and landthe felling of a large number of trees, and a big pit two and a half meters deep.


“A tribute to the victims of Covid-19 must contemplate the quality of life and not go to her detriment. we need more greenno more cement. Our community demands to be consulted and informed before imposing such a change environmental and life impact“, they concluded.

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