Civil Police carried out preventive arrest of the murder suspect.  (Photo: Disclosure)
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Case happened in October of this year; The 64-year-old victim was Custódio Antônio da Silva

Civil Police carried out preventive arrest of the murder suspect. (Photo: Disclosure)

A man was arrested today (20) for killing Custódio Antônio da Silva, 64, on a farm in Miranda, 208 kilometers from Campo Grande. He had lured the victim to the rural area of ​​the city, under the pretext of negotiating cattle, when he attacked him from behind with blows to the head with a massive object.

He had bought cattle from the victim weeks before his death, for R$50,000. From the investigation it was established that approximately half of that amount was paid.

At the request of the Miranda Police Station, the Miranda Judiciary granted preventive detention, with indictment for aggravated homicide.

Civil Police elucidated the crime through breach of telephone and bank secrecy, which proved “continuous telephone contact” with the victim before death. Furthermore, it was proven that he tried to hire a witness for R$500 to lure Custodio to a place far from the city, days before the execution, as well as trying to buy a revolver.

Inquiry will be reported in the coming days and the criminal process will begin, with eventual denunciation and pronunciation of the accused.

The case – The man would have gone out to buy cattle around 11 am on a Tuesday and had not been seen since. A PM (Military Police) team was called around 2 am the next day and found two men, one of them the victim’s son, and were taken to the elderly man’s body.

Custódio was lying inside Fazenda Santa Laura, approximately 30 meters from the fence. The military triggered a team from the Regional Hospital of Miranda that found the death. With that, Civil Police and Expertise teams were called.

The elderly man’s son told the police that around 11 am on Tuesday, Custódio received a call and told his wife that he was going out to see and buy cattle. However, it started to get dark and he still hadn’t come home. The woman then called her son who started looking for the elderly man in the area when she found Custódio’s motorcycle on the side of the road.

He decided to enter the rural property and saw his father’s body lying there. The boy also said that days before his father would have received another call to see the cattle, but that day he ended up going with the elderly person and the person who made the contact did not show up. A gunshot mark was found on the body of the elderly man, near the back of the head.

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