Civil servants demand an increase in wages after the statement of Sándor Pintér

The Trade Union of Hungarian Civil Servants, Civil Servants and Public Service Employees (MKKSZ) has initiated the convening of the National Public Service Reconciliation Council (OKÉT), as it is untenable that inflation and the constant rise in prices are causing more and more problems for their 618,000 employees.

The unions would ask that inflation be offset by a proportional wage increase. József Fehér, the administrator of OKÉT’s employee side, has already sent a letter to László Palkovics, the Minister of Technology and Industry, responsible for the consultation, but no reply has yet been received.

Péterné Boros, president of the organization, told Népszava about the pay situation:

All teachers, municipal or government officials, health and social workers, soldiers, police and firefighters working in the cultural field expect an increase in pay for their work because it is becoming increasingly difficult to make a living due to the drastic rise in food prices.

In connection with this, Minister of the Interior Sándor Pintér said in a closed discussion on Wednesday that it would be premature to talk about wage increases in the areas under his control (home affairs, education, health care).

In contrast, the MKKSZ demands that government representatives sit at a negotiating table before the vote on next year’s budget, preferably next week, to agree on “inflation-wage measures for all civil servants”. Public Service Union Leaders

A 20 percent wage increase is requested for all workers in the area.

In areas where the demand for wage increases would be higher for other reasons, such as teachers, it is suggested that this inflation-compensating rate be included in wage growth. Mrs. Boros Péterné a lapnak in a statement, he emphasized that those involved in church-run institutions were also included as stakeholders.

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