Claro Figueroa family returns to football after becoming a shareholder of Cruzados

The capital increase in Cruzados, the concessionaire that manages the football branch of the Catholic University, left not only the fans of the club happy, who obtained a large part of the resources for the remodeling of the long-awaited Crusader fortress, but also some investors who entered the property of the firm.

The operation meant that an “old acquaintance” of soccer returned: the Claro Figueroa family. And it is that through the Prisma holding company, the former owners of the Soccer Channel acquired 16.4 million shares for which they paid $2,057 million. With this, the firm linked to industrial waste management, venture capital, real estate and telecommunications reached 11% of the issued and paid shares of the company.

Matías Claro, General Manager of Grupo Prisma. Photo: Archive

The figure is not less, since with this number of titles he can take a seat on the club’s board of directors. This position is expected to be assumed by Matías Claro Figueroa, emulating his father Jorge Claro Mimica, who was already on the UC board of directors and was even president in the 1990s.

“As Grupo Prisma we have always been linked to the world of sports. For this reason, more than three years after we left the CDF, we saw that this was a good opportunity to return to football. It is a motivation that we have and that goes beyond the economic issue, because the clubs not only represent a passion and entertainment, but also have a great scope and social impact,” said Matías Claro, general manager of the holding company and who led the operation for Enter Crusaders.

debt placement

Yesterday Cruzados also communicated through an essential fact to the Financial Market Commission (CMF) that it closed the placement of a bond in the local market for UF 600,000, equivalent to US$ 25 million, as part of the financing of the remodeling of your stadium.

The bond, which is added to the US$ 11 million raised in the capital increase process, was subscribed by four insurance companies: Penta, BICE Vida, Consorcio and Confuturo in equal parts of UF 150,000 each.

The issue was for a term of 20 years with a three-year grace period, and a rate of UF + 5.65% per year.

The president of Cruzados, Juan Tagle, stated that “we always said that we were going to finance our stadium using different ways and obtaining financing lines in the local market was one of the ways.”

He also pointed out that this bonus will be structured in such a way that “our flows from the naming rights contract with Claro, plus what we generate with the new venue, can be paid in stages, with predictable and budgetable flows.”

The placement of the instruments in the capital market was managed by Link Capital Partners as financial advisor and by the law firms Barros & Errázuriz and Spoerer & Valdés.

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