Climate change: the country's airports take measures to contribute to the Paris Agreement



The protocol will cover the entire National Airport System (SNA) and is part of the goals set forth in the Paris Agreement that was ratified and approved by Argentina, and the specific action plans in the aeronautical industry proposed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC).

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After being collected and sent by the owners of the airports, the data provided will form part of an Inventory of Emissions of greenhouse gases which will contain “reliable, homogeneous and integrated information to be able to quantify, update and monitor the direct and indirect emission sources”.

The monitoring and management of said inventory will be carried out by the Environment Department of the Orsna Airport Infrastructure Works Management.



Among the data provided, which must be sent every six months with monthly disaggregation and will have the character of sworn declarationyou will find the information concerning the electricity, water and fuel consumptionBesides the waste generation and managementY liquid, sewage and industrial effluents.

Airports that do not meet these requirements “will be subject to the application of the penalty system corresponding”, according to Orsna.

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What are the causes of the greenhouse effect

  • The electrical consumptionthe heating and the air-conditioning.
  • The transportation and the fossil combustion.
  • The daily consumption of disposable materials.
  • The destruction of ecosystems.

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