Climate change: what is stopping the final agreement of COP 27
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The twenty-seventh United Nations conference on climate change should end this Friday, but that did not happen and could even last until Monday, November 21.

The countries most affected by climate change and the industrialized ones must reach a agreement so that it is clearly expressed in the final text.

This text is important because it is the cover of the COPbeing prepared and agreed by the countries to establish the main political objectives of the meeting.

It is a public and global commitment that can be traceable and object of reproach if it is not fulfilled over time. This year there are multiple geopolitical crises such as wars, energy, food, climate and the consequences of covid-19.

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Following this, The figure of losses and damages generates controversy and disparate opinions. Consequences such as floods, droughts, hurricanes, landslides and forest fires caused damages of more than 200 billion dollars.

The problem is political: the United States and the European Union demand that China pay its equal share but the communist country complains that other countries have never lived up to their financial responsibilities or their commitment to the developing world.

So the negotiations are still going on to determine which countries will finance the less developed ones and they will have to determine one of these three options: create a fund and leave the substantive debate for next year, not create a fund and continue as before or postpone the debate until 2023.

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