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Close to the medal! Paola Núñez placed fifth in the World Weightlifting Championship

Close to the medal!  Paola Núñez placed fifth in the World Weightlifting Championship

the lioness Paola Nunez He surpassed his best mark by lifting 175 kilograms in the total category of 59 kilograms, but this figure was not enough to get him among the first three places in his category in the World Under-17 Weightlifting Championship.

The young emerald could not continue the good streak of the representatives of Guanajuato in the fair that started last Saturday in Lionbut had a good participation in the fourth day of competitions in the Fair Dome.

the category of Nunez (59 kilograms) inaugurated the activities of this Tuesday in the Leonese auditorium, which started more or less at 10:30 in the morning with the five participants of Group B.

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In this sector, Paula He stood out by placing first in the snatch mode, this after lifting 80 kilograms, later, he was in second place in the clean and jerk mode by registering 95 kilograms.

This stage became a real ‘grab’ with Barbara Carvajal, the other Mexican representative of the category, since both challenged each other by raising the weight and, in the end, this benefited the one born in New Lionwho took the bronze in the clean and jerk by lifting 100 kilograms.

What concerns to Nunezthe one born in Lion she lifted a total of 175 kilograms, her best mark so far and the weight that placed her first in Group B but fifth overall at 59 kilograms.

In this division of the women’s branch, the Colombian Dubaney Sinisterra won the gold medal thanks to a total of 187 kilograms, while the Egyptian Hanin Elsayed kept the silver (185 kilograms) and the Ecuadorian Jessica Palacios with the bronze (183 kilograms).

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