Gertz, the incomprehensible

Jack Ma, the creator of Alibaba, begins his professional life as an English teacher; He discovers the power of the Internet in the United States and decides to create a company so that his Chinese compatriots can sell their products to the world. How much did it cost China to educate a citizen of humble origins, creator of a company worth hundreds of billions of dollars? Peanuts. (Peanuts say in English)

Education is unparalleled as an investment when it can unfold its benefits in an environment of individual initiative. Ignorance in the best country in the world is useless, nor is the wisdom of a nuclear physicist in Cuba or Venezuela. The mixture of knowledge, talent, perseverance and a free market result in the greatest growth and wealth creation.

In South Korea they know this well, which is why teachers are revered and rewarded for their ability to teach. There they are “rock stars”, idols of crowds and prosperous entrepreneurs. In China, until recently, there was a thriving business of private teaching to hone students’ skills. Unfortunately Xi Jinping, the autocratic leader, returned to the communist past and stopped the development of big companies like Alibaba, Tencent and private education.

Education in freedom produces differences, natural inequalities that few are willing to accept. The phenomenon is called merit, accompanied by competition. In Asia, education and meritocracy create the greatest wealth recorded in human history. In Mexico, we are afraid that liberalism will produce social differences, discrimination and concentration of wealth. In developed countries like Denmark, Sweden and Finland they solve it with a social tax system that helps alleviate poverty and creates opportunities for all.

In Guanajuato we should not fear talent, nor oppose a meritocracy, starting with the cadres that govern us. The greatest social equalizer is education. It was what kept the PRI in power for 70 years. There was growth and social mobility. Public education allowed the rise of talented young people like Ernesto Zedillo, who from a middle-class family became president, stabilized the economy, and today is the most prominent and respected of Mexico’s former presidents. The National Polytechnic is his alma mater.

It sounds like a joke but it’s reality. The Fourth Transformation despises knowledge, merit and competitiveness. Those who studied abroad, he accuses, “are perverts” Mexicans instructed to steal from Harvard, MIT or the best universities in the world.

Our state does well to dedicate resources for the hardest and most talented to travel abroad with specific scholarships. However, the maximum power of public investment is in the modern training of the new generations. By modern we understand education without prejudices, ideologies or social resentments.

A good student can create and undertake; You can not only get out of poverty but give opportunities to thousands of people around you to achieve it too. A bad student, with resentment, ignorance and without humanity, can destroy an entire country. Deng Xiaoping, a son of farmers in southern China, paved the way to prosperity for 1.4 billion people. Putin, a resentful, ignorant and evil Russian leader, murders thousands of innocent Ukrainian civilians and slaughters his soldiers in a senseless war.

Xiaoping’s secret was to understand the value of individual incentives in the formation of economic and human capital. What better incentive for a first world education than the universal teaching of the two most powerful languages: English and modern programming codes. That is mindmaking.

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