Cold in the morning and little cloudiness for this Sunday in Misiones

The low pressure system that favored the advance of polar air masses to our territory is moving away, so a cold start to the day is expected, cool in the morning, to then move on to a more temperate environment in the afternoon.

The sky will be presented with little cloudiness in the south, partially cloudy in central and northern areas. no precipitation expected and the chances of rain are 5/10%. The chances of fog and mist are low.

On the other hand, prevailing winds from the east rotate to the northeast, between 3 and 10 km/h and with a probability of gusts of between 20 and 30 km/h, and the air quality is good.

The temperatures for this day are in the maximum estimated at 20 °C for Montecarlo, the minimum would be 4 °C in San Pedro.

Monday 20

The instability in the atmosphere associated with the permanence of a low pressure system over southern Bolivia, northern Paraguay and northern Argentina returns to our province.

The sky will remain cloudy, worsening towards night in the southern and central areas, where the occurrence of rains and storms is expected. The atmosphere will be mild, turning to something warm in the afternoon.

Rainfall will be between 2 and 15 mm for southern and central areas. The chances of rain between 50/80%. The chances of fog and mist are high.

Finally, the prevailing winds from the northeast, with intensities between 2 and 12 km/h and a probability of gusts between 30 and 60 km/h. Air quality will be good.

Cold in the morning and little cloudiness for this Sunday in Misiones (Misiones Online/)

The temperatures an estimated maximum of 22 °C is expected for Puerto Iguazú, the minimum would be 9 °C at night in Apóstoles with a wind chill of 7 °C.

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