Collapsed building in Florida: nearly a billion dollars for the victims

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According to a court agreement unveiled on Wednesday, the survivors and families of the victims of the deadly collapse of the building in Surfside, Florida, will be compensated up to approximately 1 billion dollars.

Survivors and families of victims of the collapse of a Florida building, which killed 98 people in 2021, will receive at least $997 million in compensation according to a court-negotiated agreement, confirmed to AFP a civil party lawyers.

The twelve-story building partially collapsed in the middle of the night on June 24 in Surfside, north of Miami Beach. To the 997 million, will be added “about 100 million more dollars that we will recover for the victims”, added the lawyer, Carlos Silva.

The agreement, announced this Wednesday by a Miami-Dade County court, ends a class action lawsuit against multiple entities. In particular, the promoters of a construction project nearby were accused of having contributed, because of the vibrations generated by their work, to the collapse of the damaged building.

“Although no amount of money will ever be enough to compensate them, we hope that the closing of the legal chapter of this disaster brings some comfort to the victims”, greeted Harley Tropin, another of their lawyers, in a press release sent to the AFP.

Degraded structure

The judge in charge of the case, Michael Hanzman, had already approved in March an agreement for 83 million dollars, but which only compensated the owners of apartments in the building and not the relatives of the victims.

With the exception of a teenager rescued during the first hours, the rescuers, who had worked hard for a month, had not been able to save any of the inhabitants present in this building during the disaster.

The reasons for the collapse of the building, called Champlain Towers South and which overlooked the Surfside waterfront, have not yet been established with certainty, but the first elements of the investigation had revealed that the structure of the building seemed in places degraded.

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