Colombia: The first images of the alleged murderer of the prosecutor against organized crime in Paraguay are revealed

On the afternoon of this Tuesday, the National Police and the Attorney General’s Office of Colombia They released the first images of the alleged murderer of the prosecutor Paraguayan Marcelo Pucci.

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The prosecutor was murdered this morning at the Decameron Hotel on Baru Island, where two assassins arrived on a jet ski and shot him twice, according to the account of his wife Claudia Aguilera.

The director of the National Police, General Jorge Luis Vargas, is in Barú, where he received a first report from the investigators who reviewed the hotel’s security cameras.

With the captured images, the investigators are tracing a timeline from the moment of the homicide to the escape of the assassins; and in a retrospective that seeks to identify from where they came to the island and the point they could reach after committing the crime.

The investigation is being carried out in coordination with the Attorney General’s Office, which also prioritized the case. For information that helps to capture those responsible for the crime. the authorities offer a reward of 2,000 million pesos.

Until now the authorities have not offered any reward, but it is not ruled out that an offer will be made in the next few hours.

At 3 in the afternoon, Paraguayan time, a flight departed from Asunción for Colombia with a group of agents and investigators who support the tasks to clarify the death of the prosecutor, a group that already has troops from the United States.

From Bogotá, five members of the Judicial Police, Dijín, who will be in charge of the case, traveled. President Iván Duque asked to be informed of the progress in the process.

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