Colombian government confirms next meeting between Petro and Duque

The Minister of Finance of Colombia, Juan Manuel Restrepo, announced this Monday that the president-elect, Gustavo Petro, will meet in the coming days with the outgoing president Iván Duque, to start the transition process before the leader of the coalition of the Historical Pact assumes power.


Gustavo Petro congratulated for electoral victory in Colombia

After the historic victory of the candidate of the Historic Pact coalition, the teams from both parties will meet to make way for a transition of power before August 7 when Petro assumes the Presidency of Colombia.

In this sense, Restrepo pointed out that “we have to give good faith and transparency of the information of the case, that it be a coordinated process.”

“For this reason, we are absolutely clear that, once the splicing committee of the president-elect is defined, we will hold the corresponding meeting and organize the work tables entity by entity so that this splicing process is effective,” he mentioned in an interview with a radio. local.

The minister commented that “at the moment there is a communication between President Iván Duque and the president-elect”; a call on Sunday night in which the president congratulated and recognized Petro’s victory in the second round elections.

“There (in the call) it was agreed that in the next few days there will be a process, a meeting. The date of the meeting is yet to be defined,” he specified.

“It will be the starting point of this important process and at that meeting, surely, the president-elect will define what his splicing committee will be. I will proceed to work with whoever Gustavo Petro designates for that purpose,” he added.

Regarding the equipment for the joint, the Government appointed the Minister of Finance, José Manuel Restrepo; The director of the National Planning Department, Alejandra Botero, will also be present, and Víctor Muñoz will be part of the presidential team,” Duque said a few days ago.

Gustavo Petro was elected president of Colombia this Sunday, in the second presidential round, a day in which the voting margin was expanded and nearly 22 million people made use of their right.

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