Colombian President asks "full confidence" in the election results

The outgoing President of Colombia, Iván Duque, appealed this Sunday, after voting in the second round of the presidential elections, to trust in the institutions and in the verdict of the Colombian people.

“This has to be a party of democracy with confidence in the institutions and with full confidence in the verdict of the Colombian people”, said the President in what was the last time he opened an election, that of his succession, discussed between the leftist Gustavo Petro and the populist Rodolfo Hernández.

The President voted as soon as the polling stations opened, at table number one, installed in the National Capitol, in downtown Bogotá.

Duque reiterated that Colombia is “one of the oldest democracies” in that hemisphere” and one of the “strongest” and highlighted that “this process of peaceful, orderly and institutional transition in the presidential command has always been maintained”, which he himself will guarantee until 7 August, when the President elected today will take office.

“From now on we can say to the elected official today that he will have our full support to start the presidential transition process”, he said, adding that this process will be carried out with total “transparency”.

The appeal was made after Gustavo Petro this week cast suspicion on the entity that organizes the elections, talking about a possible fraud in the result.

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