Colombians are attacked by trio after suspected theft

After being accused of stealing a hair machine, two Colombians were attacked by a trio on Main Avenue 1 of the Industrial Nucleus, in Campo Grande. Due to the severity of the injuries, one of the immigrants had to be taken to a health unit. A resident of the region who answered the men’s requests for help, called the PM (Military Police). According to the victims’ report, the two were drinking in a residence at the time they were accused of the theft, then three unidentified people began to attack them. Upon returning to the scene to identify the aggressors, the garrison found only the victims’ backpacks with some belongings. The fire department provided assistance to the victims. One of the men, who had a cut on his eyebrows and several abrasions on his face and back, needed to be transported to Upa (Emergency Care Unit). The case was registered intentional bodily injury at DEPAC (Community Emergency Care Police Station) Center and will be investigated.

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