Colón - River: the controversial positions of Wanchope Ábila in the goal that was annulled and the one that was validated

In a match against Riverspecial for Colon in the Elephant Cemetery and special to him because of his Boca past, Ramon “Wanchope” Ábila got a goal for the santafesino team, but it was not validated by Patrick Loustauvia VAR. Controversially: the position of the Cordovan striker was almost at the same height as that of the penultimate millionaire player.

It would have been somewhat important, during a 0-0 just at 20 seconds of the final half. The meeting, for the third date of the Professional League, was dominated by River in terms of possession and scoring chances, although not overwhelmingly. Colón created little and in that context Wanchope’s opportunity was worth gold.

Ábila’s disallowed goal

Ábila received a pass almost in the same line as the visiting defenders. Thanks to his position, he broke that defensive barrier and was hand in hand with Frank Armani, and resolved with quality: an open touch to the far post. But the flag of the assistant referee was raised and the former Instituto, Huracán, Cruzeiro, Boca and Minnesota United player did not even celebrate the 1-0.

The replays showed a map of play that made it very difficult to discern the location of the attacker in relation to his rivals. It seemed to be barely out of the game, but when the definition is pinpoint it almost depends on the video image being stopped at the right moment to charge one thing or the other. Loustau understood that the striker was where he couldn’t and didn’t concede the goal.

But 26 minutes later Wanchope had revenge. He received from Facundo Farias very close to the small area between several opposing soccer players and was once again face to face with the goalkeeper. With all lucidity, he snubbed Armani with a high ball control that ended up being a dribbling and resolved before the free goal. A jewel, for a partial but resounding triumph. But again the flag was up. And the number 12 did not celebrate in this case either.

The goal validated Wanchope

At first glance, this move seemed to be more clearly an offside than the previous. And yet, after a long review in the VAR, Loustau allowed the conversion. Even without major merits, Colón beat River 1-0 at the Elephant Cemetery and Wanchope Ábila had the pleasure of frustrating an old rival. And so the game ended: with a great victory for the Sabalero team and a sweet goal for the former Boca striker.

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