Passalacqua, Cesino and Medina in Salto El Solito in Colonia Polana

Colony Polana It is a town that is within the department of San Ignacio, Misiones. This Friday, the deputy Hugo Passalacqua during his visit to the El Solito waterfall, promised Governor Oscar Herrera Ahuad to manage the asphalting work for Colonia Polana, as well as to work on the development of this tourist attraction..

El Solito jump is characterized by waters of the stream -which bears the same name- fall in the form of a slidewhich makes it a favorable place to bathe and spend the afternoon. However, the property lacks infrastructure to receive tourists and the dirt road becomes impassable on rainy days.

That is why, at the request of the communal chief, Passalacqua promised to take steps with Governor Oscar Herrera Ahuad to prepare the area and thus encourage tourism.. In addition, it will send you the request for start the asphalt work to access the municipality, which is about 18 km away. from route 12 by terraced road.

Passalacqua, Cesino and Medina at Salto El Solito in Colonia Polana (Online Missions/)

When the work was completed, not only will allow producers and residents of the area to streamline trafficbut also will facilitate a greater influx of tourists in the town.

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