The "color block" proposes outfits with a cheerful effect for the summer 2022 season. (Photo: Madeleine/dpa)

Beige, gray, black, navy blue are colors with which it is difficult to make a mistake. But there is not much more to say about them. This is different in the case of the famous trend “color block“.

It is worth a little explanation in advance about this term: the “color block” is the mix of different colors in one set. But not in the form of little scratches or other minute details, but in wide format. Frequently, monochromatic pieces of different strong colors are also combined. Shoes and bags form their own blocks of color.

The “color block” proposes outfits with a cheerful effect for the summer 2022 season. (Photo: Madeleine/dpa) By: Madeline | Madeleine/dpa

orange with pink

Following this concept, a green shirt can be combined with a yellow skirt, a bright fuchsia top with pink pants or a pale pink blazer with red pants. A striking and unusual color combination is the one that arouses the most attentionwhen looking at the current collections: orange with pink or pink.

What is also new is that many garments already feature the “color block” in their own pattern. This is also one of the tips of Madeline Dangmann, from the fashion magazine Glamor.

The combination of pink and orange is an event.  (Photo: Aniston by Baur/dpa)
The combination of pink and orange is an event. (Photo: Aniston by Baur/dpa)By: Aniston by Baur | Aniston by Baur/dpa

It can be, for example, a sweater that combines colors in the form of thick stripes. The German fashion journalist recommends wearing it with jeans or a skirt in neutral tones.

Discreet cuts in bold colors

The alternative is to combine one yourself. “Those who have just discovered this trend should initially limit themselves to two colors for the combination,” advises Dangmann.

“Because mixing three or four strong shades together requires a lot of fashion sensitivity to make it look good,” adds the expert.

This sensitivity to style includes, for example, that the looks themselves – apart from the color – are quite simple. According to the expert, color as a feature remains in the foreground and the gathers, ruffles or other playful details are completely dispensed with.

Orange is a widely used color all year round.  Photo: Marc Cain/dpa) -
Orange is a widely used color all year round. Photo: Marc Cain/dpa) – By: Mark Cain | Marc Cain/dpa

An easy to implement variant for the “color block” are the monochrome looks, which are kept within a chromatic universe. That is, different shades of a color are combined, for example “two striking shades of red or blue”, suggests Dangmann.

A fashion that seeks to trigger feelings of happiness

The result is cheerful-looking outfits, looks that come in handy to wear on sunny days. But they are also suitable for making the sad spring rain more bearable. And, of course, for the daily life of the pandemic. Because this is the one that marked the choice of colors by designers.

“This trend of intense colors has to do with the situation of restrictions that we all experienced during the last two years: home office, little contact, no parties”, says analyst Niels Holger Wien, from the German Fashion Institute.

“All this led to the universe of fashion colors being rather muted”, the expert points out.

Color block trend: how to combine the shocking colors of 2022

But this now change: “People want to go out, be seen, enjoy life, meet other people,” says Wien.

“The intense colors in the ‘color block’ have a determining effect and trigger positive emotions”. This is called “dopamine dressing,” she explains.

However, the term cannot be translated literally: “dopamine” is a hormone that triggers feelings of happiness and “dressing” means dressing. Taken together, this produces a fashion intended to make people happy.

And this is precisely what the combination of pink or pink with orange. “On the one hand, they are reminiscent of strange flowers such as hibiscus or turmeric. On the other hand, pink and orange are also the shades offered by a sunset in the south and automatically bring holiday feelings,” says trend analyst Wien.

Bags can also be part of the "color block".  (Photo: Weather/dpa)
Bags can also be part of the “color block”. (Photo: Weather/dpa)By: Weather | Wt/dp

Inspired by the past, but without being retro

However, as often happens in the world of fashion, this trend towards pink and orange is not really a new phenomenon. If one takes a look at the history of fashion, one can see that this combination comes up again and again since the late 1960s.

“This form of ‘color blocking’ is not a retro trend anyway,” says Wien. “Previously, the pink-orange combination was reserved more for haute couture, while now it has found its way into everyday life. Consequently, the looks are also much more casual and obvious than in previous decades.”

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color tricks

However, not all color block combinations are easy to pull off. The border between a ridiculous look and a brave style is quite narrow in this trend, even among the designers’ proposals. And not everyone likes to attract attention in the field of fashion.

However, German fashion consultant Milena Georg is convinced that any woman can adopt this look. “In fact, the ‘color block’ is especially appropriate to highlight the figure itself.”

Green and yellow, a pair that prevails.  (Photo: Baum and Pferdgarten/dpa)
Green and yellow, a pair that prevails. (Photo: Baum and Pferdgarten/dpa) By: Baum and Pferdgarten | Baum und Pferdgarten/dpa

“For example, when colors are used in such a way that they are darker on the sides of a dress.” This, explains the specialist, visually makes the silhouette appear slimmer.

Georg advises to make a decision before the “color block”: either only strong tones are used, or only soft shades of color.

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