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The Community Houses of Justice They are not specialized in conflicts Come in bands criminal or violent groups, however, they have had to mediate in some of these cases to bring peace to the community members of some neighborhoods.

Jose “Chichi” Ceballos took advantage of his participation in the Free Dialogue to make an anecdote. He related that at the beginning of the organization, a conflict arose between two bands They divided the territory they controlled.

According to the story, the girlfriends of the leaders of these two bands They lived in the part of the neighborhood controlled by their adversary, and every time one of them showed up to visit his beloved, there were exchanges of fire between the alleged vandals that made everyone who lived in that area uneasy.

“A conflict arose between two gangs. One that had one of its bosses with a girlfriend in the area; and the other that there was another family that did not allow the other gang to pass through for reasons of control. When one wanted to see the girlfriend He would make a shootout, a push, a mess because the girlfriends lived on the other side.

“I got to that place and the mother of one approached me. It was not our specialty to mediate in that kind of situation. We decided to convene the neighborhood council, the neighborhood priest and anyone who could support. There an agreement was made of no more violence between gangs, in addition to allowing the visit of the one who was for the girlfriend or the one who was for the family “expressed Jose Ceballos, “In order not to tire the story, an agreement was made there and there are no longer any conflicts”.

“If it wasn’t in the community houses, where did that sentimental crisis unravel? In the street,” he answered.

For the good of the community, the gang members accepted the agreement and the problem was resolved. Everyone feared that unfortunate events could occur if clashes continued.

They assure that this is a living example that “people understand each other by talking” and that differences can be resolved through dialogue. This is one of the pillars of the Community Houses of Justice.


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