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Community members from the San Carlos, Villa Duarte and Ozama sectors complain that the enumerators who work for him X National Population and Housing Census they are not asking all the questions required by the census form.

They explained that when comparing the interviews carried out in their homes with those of the online form, the enumerators they are asking less than half of the information that the document demands, from what they understand the majority are “inventing” the data.

They stated that on many occasions the enumerators They had difficulties connecting with the tablets and, that, although they promised to return, they did not appear anymore to conclude the procedure.

jose ortiza resident of the La Francia neighborhood of the Villa Duarte sector, Santo Domingo Este, maintained that at the time of being interviewed he was only asked about ten questions and that he was waiting for more, since he had carried out an evaluation of the document on the page on-line of census.

Mrs Denia Diaz from the San Carlos sector assured that the employees who carry out the process are not performing a good service and that they do not make the necessary efforts to comply with the survey.

“I live in a building and they went to the house next door and I was waiting for them to knock on mine to register me and they didn’t go. Look, I was going out and I returned only to that and nothing, they neither returned nor tried to continue playing in the apartments, ”she commented to Free Daily Díaz while waiting for an appointment at a local salon.

One of the houses registered in the Villa Duarte sector. (FREE DAILY / FRANCISCO ARIAS)

Mrs Rosa Alba Ramirezwho also lives in San Carlos, said that the enumerator who came to her home did not last even 20 minutes and that during that time the tablet for these purposes did not work well.

“Of the 67 questions, they didn’t even ask me half. The girl said it was because there were some things that she was seeing, like if the house is a block, has a bathroom outside, among other information, but the truth is that they didn’t even ask me. the ages of my children or if they work”Rosa Alba RamirezResident of the San Carlos sector

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Many houses are missing to be censused

Even though the National Statistics Office (ONE) announced this Friday that the rate of productivity in the census was going to improve during the weekend, after being somewhat behind the first week, the presence of enumerators in the mentioned sectors it was observed slow.

The census process in the Dominican Republic concludes next Wednesday, November 23, however, many residences in the Ozama, San Carlos and Villa Duarte sectors are without census.

The community members of these areas see it as “impossible” for them to meet the goal, so they understand that it would be prudent to give more days to achieve the expected results.

“On weekdays, unfortunately, many people are at work, they are not at home because they go out looking for the day to day, and they have not even gone through the census here,” said Mr. flankelis cavesfrom the Ozama sector.

Dominican journalist, graduated from the Technological University of Santiago (UTESA).

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