Completed landscaping in the area of ​​the metro station "Nekrasovka" in the southeast of Moscow
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He recalled that earlier, near the Nekrasovka metro station, the surrounding area was landscaped, but the area is developing, now a shopping and entertainment center, Nekrasovka transport hub, a square and underground pedestrian crossings are being built there. During the work, overhead lines were removed underground, which made it possible to improve the visual appearance of the space and ensure the safety of communications.

“The main task was to make the territory convenient for local residents, so they put the sidewalks in order, equipped convenient walking routes with benches, replaced the asphalt on the roadway, updated the lawn,” said Petr Biryukov. “More than 30 street lamps and street lamps with LED lamps illuminate the space. “.

At ground pedestrian crossings, four pillars of contrasting lighting were installed, which make the zebra itself and the person on it more noticeable in the dark. Greened the square on Pokrovskaya street. Earlier, more than 850 trees were planted in the territories adjacent to the Nekrasovka metro station, taking into account the wishes of local residents.

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