Concert "metropolis" and strange habits of Chekhov.  We go for impressions to Russian estates

Spring is in full swing, and now is the time to devote weekends to visiting estates near Moscow. “RG” has collected a May poster of the most interesting events of the Tchaikovsky Museum-Reserve in Klin, the Chekhov Museum-Reserve in Melikhovo, the Arkhangelskoye estate and others.

Tchaikovsky Museum-Reserve in Klin

Tchaikovsky Museum-Reserve in Klin Photo: Ruslan Krivobok / RIA Novosti

1. Performance for young viewers “Peter, the wolf and others …” (May 21)

Do you remember the famous symphonic fairy tale “Peter and the Wolf” by Sergei Prokofiev? So, to immerse yourself in the work of the orchestra, to get acquainted with different instruments and timbres, and most importantly – not to get confused in all this, the performance for children “Peter, the wolf and others …” will help. In addition to the main action, the audience will see a puppet theater and listen to classical music in a modern arrangement by the Instrumental Capella Symphony Orchestra.

2. “Ticket to Mars” – concert of the ensemble “Art-collage” (May 21)

What is Mars for a musician? A place where the classical compositions of Beethoven, Debussy, avant-garde music and soundtracks for films about space harmoniously coexist. It is this combination, unexpected at first glance, that can be enjoyed at the “Ticket to Mars” concert. Have you taken yours yet? Departure very soon.

3. “Collection of colorful chapters”. Illustrations by Yu. M. Ignatiev for the novel by A. S. Pushkin “Eugene Onegin” (until June 16)

Tchaikovsky gave everyone’s favorite novel in Pushkin’s verse a new life by writing an opera of the same name, which became no less famous. And Ignatiev immortalized the images of Onegin and Lensky on paper, creating illustrations for the novel. It is these 68 graphic works of the illustrator that can be seen at the exhibition “Collection of colorful chapters”. After all, all three masters of their craft have become interconnected in absentia, and now this exhibition unites them even more.

4. Exhibition “Masterpieces of the storerooms of the house of P. I. Tchaikovsky” (until June 7)

Painting, graphics and sculpture – many beautiful works of famous masters were presented to Tchaikovsky throughout his life, they made up his personal art collection. And today every visitor of the exhibition can also touch them. In particular, the exhibition features three “mysterious” portraits of Tchaikovsky. What kind of portraits and why they are so unusual, you can find out only by seeing them live and asking the guide.

Museum-estate “Arkhangelskoe”

Museum-estate “Arkhangelsk”. Photo: Maxim Blinov / RIA Novosti

1. Master classes “Artist to artist” (until May 27)

You or your child has always dreamed of painting in a beautiful place, and even shoulder to shoulder with a professional illustrator who is always ready to give the right tips. Then come to “Arkhangelskoye”, here until May 27 every Friday there are art master classes with the author of the coloring book “Arkhangelskoye. Seasons” I.V. Toropov. With it, you can write your first masterpiece, repeat the illustration from the coloring book and listen to stories about an old manor in an unusual Pantry over a ravine.

2. Concert “Unsolved Vivaldi” (May 15)

A wonderful soprano, piano and violin will perform well-known and rare-sounding works by the recognized master of the Baroque era Antonio Vivaldi. Before the concert, all visitors will be given a tour of the temple-tomb, the Arkhangelsk colonnade.

3. Concert “Flower Rhapsody” (May 21)

In the same colonnade, the String Quartet “Melodion” will perform – the winner of the international television competition of the channel “Culture” “Quartet 4×4”, playing almost everything – from early classics to neoclassical in its own unique style. You will hear selected works by Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi and other classics, all in ever-changing arrangements of harp, marimba, xylophone, organ, piano, drums, solo and bass guitar. “Melodion” performs with 80 different programs in parks, philharmonics and concert halls in Moscow and abroad.

4. Concert “Harp solo and in ensemble” (May 22)

On May 22, a concert of students of the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Professor E.N. Ilyinskaya, who will amaze with the subtle and melodic performance of the works of G.F. Handel, F. Naderman, C. Debussy, J. Massenet, E.A. Walter-Kühne on such a rare and exquisite instrument as the harp.

5. Concert of the group “Megapolis” (May 28)

Well, on May 28, an incredibly atmospheric concert of the Megapolis rock band will take place on the Summer Stage. The group has existed since the 80s, often performs in theaters, their compositions appear in films. Many of the group’s songs are written to the verses of famous poets, some are melodic, others are explosive and bright – everyone will find something for the soul in them.

6. Exhibition “Ladies’ trinkets”. Items from the collection of the Yusupov princes (until May 15)

The princess, the sister of Catherine II’s associate Grigory Potemkin, Tatyana Vasilievna Yusupova, over the years of her luxurious life, has accumulated many interesting “trinkets” that will please the eye and even surprise. At the exhibition you can see candlesticks, table decorations, writing materials and Yusupova’s books.

Museum-Reserve of A.P. Chekhov “Melikhovo”

Museum-Reserve of A. P. Chekhov “Melikhovo”. Photo: Evgenia Novozhenina / RIA Novosti

1. XXII International Theater Festival “Melikhov Spring” (May 20-29)

All lovers of Chekhov’s plays must visit! Dozens of theater troupes come to the festival, which will show their interpretation of everyone’s favorite comedies and tragedies by A.P. Chekhov. Action in the estate of the end of the 19th century, fresh air, nature, atmosphere of creativity – these are the components of the weekend in Melikhovo. Traditionally, The Seagull is staged at the festival, and the rest of the repertoire changes every year to surprise the audience more and more. In addition, the festival will host concerts, fairs and exhibitions, for example, there will be an opportunity to listen to M.I. Glinka, A.S. Dargomyzhsky and P.I. Tchaikovsky in the musical concert program “Prozrenie”.

2. Children’s play “The Dream of Kashtanka”

And this performance was staged by the theater, based directly in the Chekhov Museum-Reserve, and, of course, according to the famous story of Anton Pavlovich “Kashtanka”. A touching, tragicomic story about a red dog will not leave indifferent neither children nor adults. Little viewers will be surprised with magic tricks and stilts, and adults will be interested in reading the meanings inherent in the production. Here they talk about betrayal, friendship and glory in simple words. The kids definitely won’t get bored!

3. Exhibition “Children” (until June 10)

In the museum of Chekhov’s letters, until June 10, you can plunge headlong into childhood, find out what children played 200 years ago and why they were forbidden to touch the loto. And the end of the nostalgic tour of childhood, close to any adult and interesting to all children, will be the opportunity to independently create a rpg game based on Chekhov’s journey to Sakhalin.

4. Weekend program “Writer’s Kitchen”

What habits did Chekhov have, what was he afraid of, in what weather did he write, and at what time of the year did he refuse to sit down to write manuscripts? What were the writer’s drafts like? Is it possible to “bake” a Chekhov story at home? “The Writer’s Kitchen” will tell about all this – a new interactive exhibition for those who want to get to the very essence and look much further than the average reader, to see Antosha Chekhonte’s seething creative process from the inside.

House-Museum of Prishvin “Dunino”

The house-museum of the writer M. Prishvin in the village of Dunino. Photo: Valery Sharifulin/TASS

1. Excursion “I am a man who returned to his home”

Why is the house for Prishvin connected with the gospel parable of the prodigal son? The curator of the exhibition, Yana Grishina, is ready to share some interesting facts about the topic of finding a home, which was decisive for the writer’s work and life in the post-war years. What is love, friendship and nature for Prishvin.

2. Excursion “Love story along Prishvin: saving love”

In his diary, Mikhail Prishvin described his relationship with Valeria Lebedeva – this is an incredible story of saving, fateful love that continued even after the death of the writer. What did Prishvin think about love and why is it “saving”? They will tell you about this on an excursion in Dunin.

3. Theater “Shadow on the fence” with a master class for children

Prishvin devoted most of his stories to children, and Fox’s Bread is no exception. An unusual shadow performance “Shadow on the fence” is based on it, after which the participants will be able to create their own shadow performance. To do this, you only need pencils, paper, scissors and the sensitive guidance of professionals.

4. Reading with discussion “Having read Mine Reed …”

Prishvin was a real bookworm. And most of all he loved the adventure novels of Mine Reed, which greatly influenced his worldview. Why Mine Reid, you will learn at Prishvin’s readings.

Museum-estate “Kuskovo”

Museum-estate “Kuskovo”. Photo: Sergey Pyatakov / RIA Novosti

Museum-estate “Kuskovo” is remote from the center of Moscow. Surrounded by greenery, the island of St. Petersburg in the capital was the summer residence of the Sheremetevs. By the standards of the 18th century, a suburb, and now the Eastern Administrative District. The regular French park here is conducive to long walks. And in the evening you can look into the palace for a classical music concert.

1. Concert “Romance of Chopin” (May 20)

Chopin’s compositions are permeated with an atmosphere of love, celebration and warmth. You can feel these emotions at a concert in Kuskovo, where his most heartfelt and romantic melodies will be performed. The interiors of the palace, of course, will add solemnity, and you will completely dissolve in the touching world of the composer and his world-famous music.

2. Concert “Mozart. Little Night Serenade. Beethoven. Moonlight Sonata. Debussy. Moonlight” (May 27)

The most recognizable masterpieces of Mozart, Beethoven and Debussy will be performed on the stage of the Kuskovo estate on May 27 by four musicians from the Sirenes Saxophone Quartet. Romance, lightness, sonatas, serenades, the atmosphere of an old interior – what else is needed for an unforgettable evening?

3. Art-ceramic laboratory

You can make yourself a porcelain cup or plate in the Kuskovo estate, in its Forge. Here you can sculpt from clay, take a master class in pottery, as well as learn appliqué or even book illustration, paint with watercolors and paint porcelain.

4. The program “Mysteries of the Kuskovsky Sphinx” for children, by appointment

While you are making yourself an elegant coffee cup, your child can go on an excursion in the form of an interactive quest. After guessing the riddles and solving crossword puzzles, the participants of the tour will learn a lot of interesting things – how parquet “dances” and why the 18th century was often called “the century of theater, games and tricks”.

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