Conference on the future of Europe: citizens' ideas to move the Union forward

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On the occasion of the demonstrations around Europe Day and the conclusions of the Conference on the future of Europe delivered this May 9 at the Parliament of Strasbourg, France 24 organized a public debate on the forecourt of the City Hall of Paris in partnership with the European institutions and the City of Paris. The opportunity to take stock of the ambitious proposals of the Conference with its co-president Guy Verhofstadt, Belgian MEP from the Renew Europe group.

Since the launch of the platform of the Conference on the Future of Europe on April 19, 2021, more than 50,000 people shared their ideas and organized events across Europe. Their contributions, which are an integral part of this unique exercise in deliberative democracy, were analyzed and fed into the work of the panels of European citizens and the plenary conference.

But what will happen to these rich proposals relating to the environment, work, youth, health, diplomacy? What are the next steps and how can these conclusions change the daily lives of Europeans?

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With the participation of Valérie Drezet-Humez, Head of the European Commission Representation in France, and Eléa Muresan and Hippolyte Claveau, high school students who took part in the #SpeakUpfortheFutureofEurope project.

Producer: Isabelle Romero.

In partnership with the representations of the European Commission and the European Parliament in France.

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