Consultants measured Javier Milei's proposals: What do voters think?


Raul Aragon and Associates

It is worth remembering that two weeks ago, the economist starred in a new controversy by arguing that he is in favor of free transportation, days after the massacre in Texas, carried out by an 18-year-old that left 21 dead.

“I am definitely in favor of the free carrying of weapons. As a follower of Gary Becker (American economist), adherent to his theory and empirical evidence, when you lower the cost of an activity and increase the benefit, that activity expands”argued then Milei.

In another of his proposals, the deputy said that -if he were President- “he would repeal the ban on the sale of organs”, a position that was repudiated by different political and social sectors.

“Just as it would repeal the rental law and other atrocities that weigh on Argentines, it would repeal the ban on the sale of organs,” he assured in statements to the LN + channel.

In this regard, the survey conducted by Raúl Aragón y Asociados showed that 85.9% of those surveyed are against free trade in organs, while 7.2% said they are in favor.


Raul Aragon and Associates

Finally, the consultancy firm measured the Liberal’s intention to vote for the 2023 elections, which showed a negative impact on his image after he announced these initiatives.

In fact, a survey carried out on May 17 gave him an intention to vote of 18.3%, which fell to 13.1% on June 11.


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