The parents will appeal the judge's ruling.

This same Monday, the British High Court gives the authorization to disconnect a 12-year-old brain-dead childwhile a legal dispute between the child’s family and the doctors. These last they ensure that the adolescent has no chance of recovering his state of healthfor which, it could stop being treated.

The parents will appeal the judge’s ruling. (SkyNews/)

Is about Archie Battersbee, 12, who had an accident at homeand before the Court’s decision, the parents found themselves appealing the ruling.

This child is hospitalized at the Royal Hospital in Whitechapel, east London, England, and remains there since last April 7.

His parents found him unconscious at home after he tried to do a viral challenge on the internet.

Why do they want to unplug the brain-dead teenager?

As issued by the Judge Emma Arbuthnotand after knowing the expert opinion of the doctors, the young man has irreversible brain damageand therefore, they sentence that he will never recover his state of health.

That is why the judge in question determined to disconnect the mechanical respirator that still keeps Archie aliveand at the same time, discontinue the administration of medications, nor attempt any type of pulmonary or cardiac resuscitation.

“I find that Archie died at noon on May 31, 2022, shortly after the MRIs were done that day. I think it has been conclusively established irreversible cessation of brainstem is read in the judge’s sentence.

The child remains hospitalized, with an artificial respirator.

The child remains hospitalized, with an artificial respirator. (@Cooperative/)

I give permission to the medical professionals at the Royal London Hospital to cease respiration for Archie Battersbee; extubate him; cease the administration of medications and do not attempt any cardiac or pulmonary resuscitation when cardiac output ceases or respiratory efforts cease, ”said the magistrate.

In turn, he clarified: “If he continues on mechanical ventilation, the likely outcome is sudden death and the prospects for recovery are nil. He finds no pleasure in life and his brain damage is irrecoverable.”

Parents’ appeal

Despite the harsh signs of reality, and the ruling issued by the judge, Archie’s parents will appeal the measure in order to overturn the decision.

They rely to do so on the fact that your child’s heart continues to beatso they want the treatment to be prolonged.

Archie had an accident at home trying to imitate a viral internet challenge.

Archie had an accident at home trying to imitate a viral internet challenge. (@mattteale/)

The mother of this child, Hollie, said: “I feel disgusted that the hospital and the judge have not taken into account the wishes of the family. I don’t think Archie has been given enough time. His heart is still beating, he has squeezed my hand and as a mother I know he is still there.Yo”.

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