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The government of Chili left this Wednesday June 22 without effect a resolution that called the office of the first lady as “Cabinet of Irina Karamanos“, name of the president’s partner Gabriel Boric.

In the midst of a strong controversy on social networks and a formal complaint to the Comptroller’s Office by parliamentarians from the opposition right, the government announced that “(left) without effect the modification”in which the functions of the first lady were also specified, the agency reported AFP.

The office will now be called “Sociocultural Coordination of the Presidency of the Republic”.

Gabriel Boric and Irina Karamanos.

“An administrative error”, the explanation of the Chilean Government

“Because of this administrative errorthe name ‘Cabinet Irina Karamanos’ has been replaced, in line with the gradual transformation of the role of ‘First Lady’, by Sociocultural Coordination of the Presidency of the Republic,” a government statement said.

Right-wing lawmakers had consideredor “unconstitutional” the resolution and estimated that “(by naming) the institution with the same name as the person who exercises it, there is a clear abuse of power“.

Gabriel Boric tries to regain popularity in Chile

“At what point did our Republic become a Monarchy? Why does Irina Karamanos have a cabinet with a first and last name? Why is the State at the service of them and not of the Chileans? What a shame,” the ultra-conservative former presidential candidate, defeated by Boric, commented on Twitter. Jose Antonio Kast.

Before assuming the presidency, Boric stated that he was in favor of abolishing the role of first lady.

Irina Karamanos 20220120
Karamanos, a 32-year-old social scientist, Boric’s partner since 2019.

Who is Irina Karamanos

Karamanos, a 32-year-old social scientist, Boric’s partner since 2019, took on that role with the promise of giving him a “more feminist” vision as well as reducing the staff and salaries of his collaborators. She does not receive a salary for her functions.


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