Controversy in Peru over a teacher who hit a student who was bullying a classmate

The call bullying or bullying in schools is a problem that occurs in different countries of the world and that alerts managers and families of children of educational age.

The cases that transcend the walls of the classroom are many. Sometimes videos of the attacks are broadcast and other times it is the testimonies of the victims that attract attention.

This time, a case crossed the borders due to the actions of a teacher who acted with violence facing a situation of bullying in their classroom. The incident occurred in the city of Piura, Peru, and generated a lot of controversy.

Is about Daniel Mendiola, of the San Felipe school, who decided to take justice into his own hands against an aggressor student and hit him savagely. Automatically, the teacher was removed from his position, but After receiving the support of parents and directors, he was acquitted and will be able to teach again.

“I thank the directors of this honorable institution for understanding my situation and do justice, as I did. Let this remain as a precedent so that everyone knows that we can still change, that being a teacher It’s not just filling notebooksbut also teach and cultivate true values”, Mendiola expressed through his social networks.

In another message, he maintained that as a teacher he will continue to teach rules so that his students understand that “respect must be fundamental” in the classrooms. “Let’s show that we can still trust that good always defeats evil. As a teacher I promise to continue providing a good education. Thanks to all the parents who supported me and they asked for justice for me, seriously, thank you very much, God bless you, “he said.

Previously, the professor had expressed his concern due to the fear of being fired for his actions. However, he showed no regret. “I know they are going to fire me, or maybe even take me to jail, but I already I couldn’t keep seeing such injusticesuch abuse against a defenseless. I do not regret anything“, had said.

For their part, the directors decided to expel the student who carried out the harassment, while they offered psychological help to the victim, after suffering constant aggression.

According to Peruvian media, the highest authority of the institution assured: “We will not tolerate acts of harassment or school abuse between students, our duty is to educate and not allow abuses of this kind”.

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